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Sharifah was a healthy, happy little girl, looking forward to starting reception in december 2015. Unfortunately, she started feeling poorly in June (shortly after her 4th birthday) and her health rapidly deteriorated from there. She was waking through the night screaming in agony, complaining of stomach and back pain. She was having night sweats and lost her appetite. Our usually boisterous, fun-loving girl was before long spending her days lying down on the sofa or in bed instead of playing. She lost a lot of weight and got to the stage where she was no longer able to walk (thankfully she is walking again now). All this time we had been to numerous doctors, out of hours GP's and A&E, all of them putting it down to anxiety or constipation. We knew it had to be more and eventually, the week Sharifah was due to start in Reception) she had an ultrasound and our worst fears were realised... our beautiful, loving daughter had stage 4, high risk Neuroblastoma. Sharifah 's sister Aliyah, had had stage 4s Neuroblastoma (for which the prognosis is good) when she was 3 months old and is now thankfully doing well. However, as we had experience of Neuroblastoma before and had done research on it previously, we were all to aware at the time of Sharifah's diagnosis, that Sharifah was fighting a different, terrible beast and that the prognosis this time around, was not good. Despite the odds, Sharifah is a fighter and is doing her utmost to get well again and we are fighting alongside her, every step of the way.



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