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Organized by: Kendall Harrington

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EVENT DATE Dec 05, 2015


"Choosing to leave and start a new life someplace foreign, America, was the hardest and best decision I would make over and over again." -Cristina B. Harrington

Hi. My name is Kendall Harrington. I am the daughter of an amazing woman, Cristina, who has given me her whole life. But what mother doesn't? If you are blessed to have your mother in your life, then you know where i'm coming from when I say my mother is the most beautiful, kind-hearted person in the whole world and deserves everything. As is yours... so tell me. What wouldn't we do for our mothers?

A little backstory ***alot of backstory :D

My mom was born and raised in Laiti, Philippines. She grew up in a low-income household with her entire ginormous family, but they were happy. Genuinely happy with her life, my mom pictured her future going one way. Graduating high school, going to college, marrying her high school sweetheart, and having a family as big as hers. *She has 9 brothers, and 8 sisters*

When her father died, she, along with her older brother, had to quit school and help support their mother and all the little ones. The next few years were heartbreaking and i will spare you the details...

The day she met her soulmate her world flipped upside down. She met my father who is currently, MGYSGT Kevin B. Harrington, USMC, and they fell in love.

But what happened next?


Then with a heartfelt goodbye to the only life she knew, she and her new husband headed for the states. Michigan, to be exact, where my father is from.

Those in military homes know that as a young marine you can barely afford to care for yourself let alone a wife and a mortgage. And also a new baby because YES YOU GUESSED IT, I was born on March 21, 1995 and I forever changed their lives. *for the better I hope!*

.......then they had my little brother, KevinJr, but you know lets just leave him out ;)

So we lived, and moved, and lived, and moved, and lived... AND MOVED. AND MOVED SOME MORE.
Base housing is kinda a bummer i might add* NO OFFENSE!!!

My mom held several part time jobs all the while trying to support us while my dad worked every day..

So a basic day growing up was:

-Me and my brother would wake up at 4am with my dad to go to the neighbors house. Then we'd crash on their couch till 7am and get up and get ready for school.
- After school my mom would be there and cook us up a snack. She only had 2 hours till her next shift and she would spend it with us, nagging us about homework and whatnot instead of oh idk sleeping!!
-Then as soon as dad came home, she was out the door.
We didn't see her again till the next day after school and so on. (She worked night-shift at Walmart every night)
And yet she always was there for us... I don't ever remember her not being there for me even though she worked all day...
Anyway.. my dad has tried to get her to go home to see her mom on her birthday (December 5th) but we can't afford the trip.

Tickets are about 2,000 but then expenses, like everyday living. She stays with her family but her mom lives in a little 1 bedroom apartment with her oldest son and his family, consisting of 8 little dudes running around.. and i mean honestly.. it breaks my heart seeing them like this.. My Lola is old.. and she shouldn't be.. idk it just hurts me..

Also my mom never wanted to leave, even when dad saved up all year for her to go because she would miss me or kevy doing something so small like my choir concerts, or kevys football games... and regretfully... we made such a big deal out of them as kids.. she refused to leave us.

And now at 20 years of age and currently struggling myself with student loans, and a part-time job at McDonalds, i reach out to the world to please send this, more than deserving woman who I have had the pleasure of knowing and calling my mom, home this Christmas to see her very own mother whom she misses so much!

Yes it hurts that I won't have my mom fix this Christmas.. and that i'll miss out on her failed attempts on baking cookies every year for Santa. But my mom deserves to be treated like a queen and i can't give her much.. We do the best we can do and I hope that someone out there will please help with my cause. She's the most important person in my life, so i can only imagine how she feel towards her own mother.

Also.. since my Lola is... not doing as well as we'd like... it'd be a wonderful time for my mom to spend a few weeks just ... if not to hang out with then to say goodbye.

Please, please from the bottom of my heart I reach out to you and ask for your help. Thank you for your time.

Kendall Harrington & Kevin Jr.


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Kendall Harrington

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