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Alli Wyrobek's Fundraiser:

Help Otis fix his broken heart

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EVENT DATE: Aug 21, 2013

Alli Wyrobek


As many of you know, our little man Otis is in need of heart surgery to fix a birth defect called PDA.  We were not aware of his condition when we adopted him and neither was the rescue that we got him from, so this came as a huge shock and it has been a rough few weeks for us.  PDA is a condition that is common in babies and puppies, it is something that occurs in the moms belly when she cuts off blood supply to the puppy, there is a vein that is supposed to close on its own and his did not.  In this case his heart is working much harder than it should be and if this does not get tied off or fixed he will eventually get congestive heart failure and may not live to be 1 year old.  
This is going to be a pretty expensive surgery we aren't asking for a ton of money, any amount will be much appreciated.  We are animal lovers and I know many of you are to; this problem needs to be fixed so Otis can live his life to the fullest.  With this surgery he will be able to do so and we won't have to be concerned when his heart rate increases from a run.  He will be having surgery August 21st at UW-Madison Vet Hospital and Dr. Kellihan will be performing the surgery.  We thank you so much for your help to fix Otis’ heart.  As of now he is doing well but if we do not get this surgery the future will be unknown.  He is the love our lives and he will be a perfect little man once he is all fixed up!



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