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Organized by: Ann Fastag and Alan Habbaz

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My sister Miriam (Mimi) had a stroke in February of 2015. She had been on a respirator for a few months. In April she was sent to Seaview Nursing home where she was weaned off the respirator.  While  she was on the respirator she was constantly sleeping. When she started to wake up she would moan and groan and kick her legs all around in bed.  When she had the stroke in February the doctors said she would never talk again. She's now talking. Mimi was sedated often after she was put in a room with a roommate. The daughter of the patient next to her complained of the moaning and groaning. Mimi at that time was also trying to climb out of bed often as well. So they heavily sedated Mimi. They initiated physical therapy but it didn't work out because she was thoroughly sedated. How could "they put anyone on physical therapy while they are heavily sedated? It's ridiculous! They attempted to give her physical therapy while she was heavily sedated and gave up because she couldn't stand on her own. They claimed that she used up all her legal physical therapy that her insurance allocated and refused to give her any more. According to Ann Fastag Mimi’s sister…”In the summer of 2014, I was in the room when the doctor explained to my sister that if she didn’t have surgery she would die of her brain tumor. Miriam cried and said, “I want to live”. The operation was successful on an existing tumor but she needed radiation for 2 new tumors that were still growing. After 28 days of radiation, Miriam collapsed. We were told she had sepsis. My father died of sepsis. After 2 weeks, she survived sepsis because her kidneys didn’t fail. Once again my sister escaped death. A month later, Miriam collapsed again. She had suffered a stroke in February of 2015..  We didn’t know it at the time that she was sedated, but we learned later that she was being sedated. Every time we saw her she was sleeping. She was sedated because she was trying to climb out of bed, throwing her legs over the rails and moving around the bed. The nurses also sedated her because they didn't want to deal with her crying.  During this time she had a 2 week trial of physical therapy. The therapist terminated physical therapy because she couldn’t stand up on her own. How could they expect her to stand if she was sedated? They also terminated speech therapy and swallowing .   "The doctor said that Miriam was not aware that she was eating. It’s been 6 months since she entered rehab, she is in long term care. When we visit she can be found on a stretcher in the hall crying and moaning. Miriam’s leg muscles have atrophied. She can’t even enjoy food because the doctor said "she is not “aware” that she is eating. My 89 year old mother who visits her daily via bus rides back and forth tried to reason with the doctor, saying “Is a baby more aware than my daughter?" With the doctor’s rationale, babies would never be transitioned to baby food because they are not aware. We want Miriam to walk again. She can walk again with YOUR HELP. We have the technology BUT NOT THE FUNDS. If quadriplegics can be made stronger there is hope for her. But we need funding to pay for private therapists and good aqua therapy facilities that don’t accept Medicaid. My sister is talking a little; the doctors said she would never talk again. Please help her before it’s too late. Her muscles are atrophied but not dead. Help Miriam walk again. Miriam has been living with my mother ever since she first had brain surgery since 2001. My mother has money problems because of the separation. Mimi's income from SSI stopped and now my mother is living on one check. My mother needs help. PLEASE HELP!


Organized by

Ann Fastag and Alan Habbaz

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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