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October 24, 2010

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Dreaming is natural for any human being. We all have our dreams and aspirations, and a person saying he/she doesn't dream at all is most probably lying. Haven't you ever dreamt of
reaching extreme heights and achieve recognition? Don't you wish to be successful, rich and happy with your relationship? These are natural human desires, and there is absolutely nothing wrong in dreaming.

Sad but true, most of our dreams and aspirations are left unrealized. We do get frustrated, but accept the failure as something inevitable - after all, dreams are just dreams, nothing else. "Impossible" is the most frequent attribute to the word "dream".
It probably makes it easier to get over the fact that your dream hasn't come true, when you convince yourself that it was simply impossible. Nobody could do that, and you are no exception.:((((
But fortunately, not everyone thinks like that, otherwise the world would have never seen any inventions and innovations, there would be no great human accomplishments. Luckily, there are people who dare to dream big and make it a goal of their life to bring that dream to reality.

Impossible is the excuse most people create for their inactiveness or pure laziness. Oftentimes, the dream is quite achievable and requires only a few adequate actions from the person. Very few things in life come as god-send; in most cases you still have to put in time and effort to get what you want :)))
Oftentimes we limit ourselves with doubt and false assumptions. It's hard to start believing in what you have always thought to be impossible. There is nothing wrong in dreaming big, but if you fail to put effort in achieving your goal, eventually you will find yourself empty-handed, gripping only your impossible dream.
Proper planning and conscious effort can take you far in realization of your dreams. Try this: on a piece of paper, note down some of your goals you'd like to achieve in life. Put the first header as things "you can definitely do." Another header would be things "you feel quite possible to do." Finally, under
the third one write down the things you consider "impossible to accomplish" :)))

So, don't stop yourself from dreaming big. Don't limit your potential with what you perceive as impossible. Work hard towards attaining your dreams and don't give up easily! One day, your efforts will be paid off, for sure.



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