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Help Liz Raise Money for the Refugees in Europe!

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Help refugees, and get Liz to do something (most likely ridiculous) for you! [Incentives listed at the bottom]

The refugees entering Europe in record numbers need our help. As an American, I can't directly go and pass out bottled water and help people get situated, the way people living in, say, Greece can. But I can help raise money for the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), which coordinates international actions to help protect these people who desperately need help. They do things like provide shelter, food, and water, as well as providing education, legal protection, and safety from violence.

  • Learn more about the refugees' situation in this excellent, succinct video: http://tinyurl.com/q6cmoql
  • I want to get more people to donate to the UNHCR with me. I thought, rather than just asking people, it would be more interesting to incentivize it. Let's be clear about these incentives: mostly, they're goofy. (Mostly, I'm goofy, so it fits.) The only one for which I have genuine talent is the $150 prize.
  • If you donate at least....
  • $25: I will draw a picture of a greyhound for you, with an object of your choosing
  • $40: I will draw a picture of a greyhound and a ferret for you, with 2 objects of your choosing
  • $60: I will name an object in my house after you (your choice of object), and promise to call it by this name. For example, our water dispenser on the side of our fridge is currently named Spencer. Would you rather have it named after you?
  • $75: I will make up a goofy dance move, name it after you, and describe the dance move to you so you can perform it in the future
  • $150: I will write a flash fiction (~500 words) short story that takes place (at least in part) in a setting of your choosing.


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