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My name is Leslie and a friend of mine is very sick. She has been trying to get on disability for over 3 years now. She just received her latest denial letter saying that she is not disabled enough. They did not deny that they think she is disabled but they think she could work part time with no lifting and be fine. Her family and doctors were shocked to find out the news.
She has now hired an attorney who told her it could take another year before she would hear something. She doesn’t have that long. She needs the help now. She has ran out of time and credit cards to charge her bills to. My friend has been diagnosed with Lupus, connective tissue disease, fibromyalgia and she just went through test last week to check for MS. She is not doing well at all. She spends about 20 hours in bed because of her pain level and they expect her to just pop some pain pills and get to work. Kelly is very independent and she would love to get back working but her body won’t let her. She has already had mini strokes. Does this sound like a woman that can work part time with limited restrictions like the disability paper said. Something is very wrong with this picture. I have watched her body get worse over the past 3 year and her depression for not being able to have a life. I have known a person that is on disability right now and works out every day in my gym and Kelly can’t get out of bed. Does this sound right.
She has been living off of credit cards to get by and racked up thousands of dollars of debt going to doctors. Trying to pay her rent which is now 3 months past due. At this time her credit has ran out and she doesn’t know what she is going to do. I wish I could help her financially but my job is giving me short time but as her friend I feel like if get people informed of her struggle something can be done. People can help her out. The regulations can be changed on people that really need disability. If you can help with a donation it would be truly appreciated. If you can’t that is ok. Spread the word about what she is going through. My main objective is to inform people of a messed up system.
Thank you all for your time and donations. Kelly would be truly grateful.



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