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My name is Robert Tatum I am going to a private technology school named University of Advancing Technology. I want to become a person who will help this world in anyway I can but I also want to progress it with technology. My goal is to get my Bachelor in Computer Science and Networking. I am not going to lie, this school is really expensive and it is hard for me to afford it and after one or two semesters its going to be difficult to get by when I run out of funds. I am not making this my number one income and trying to rely and hope that someone donates and then I can go to college. I am currently working my hands to the bone with 9, 10, or even 11 hours shifts a day. I have a dream and I am going at it with full confidence and stern pertinacity. I apply for scholarships as much as I can and I currently have one "innovative thinker and leader" scholarship that I won in my application and it helps a lot but not enough to continue my education. I start May 11th which is right around that corner and I am starting to apply for more scholarships in hope that one of those can help me as much as the first one.

Also I feel like character and a story makes a person really feel the emotion and makes it easier to recognize my passion in what I do. Like most people in this world, technology is one of the most important things in the world. it evolves fast thanks to the great minds that had the knowledge to change the world with one invention. Deep deep down in my heart there is a fire of passion that burns and I swear to you that it never dies out no matter what happens. I have actually tried to go to this school a couple years ago and was getting ready to go but I talked myself out of it. I said to myself it was too risky and I would lose all my money and that I should just go to a community college. I tried that out and I realized that I didn't really like that traditional style of learning. I like it when the teacher gets all excited about what he/she talks about the subject at hand because they change things up and experiment with the students while we are learning at the same time, rather than them going to the same classroom and teaching the same lesson that everyone else teaches. I want that excitement in my mind as well and when you want to be as successful as those people are you have to go where they are going. So I packed almost everything that was important to me and left Virginia and went to Texas, and then finally arrived in Arizona where the school was. I took a tour and said to myself "I have to get in here no matter what the price". I had to get in there, there was no other option that could benefit me more that this school can. They will take me and mold me into something that everyone would know and look at me in total amazement saying "I know that guy and I watched him grow". This fund is just as important to me than school is right now because it could potentially help in and give me a shock when I see that people actually believe in me and think I can achieve the impossible and make the rest of my life the best of my life.


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Robert Normal Tatum

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