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I am Erin's Aunt Wendy! I am hoping to raise some money to off-set medical costs due to their 3rd child being born 12 weeks early!

I can completely understand this dilemma as I too have had a baby prematurely, unfortunately my baby girl did not live, but I remember making monthly payments that seemed to go on FOREVER! I did not have a C-section nor did my baby have to stay in the hospital! I can't even imagine what their medical costs will be!

The GRACE family is strong and can overcome whatever God throws at them. I just want to find a way to help ease the financial burden so they can keep above water and remain strong for their precious new baby DELILAH and their 2 boys Andrew and Nicholas!!

Below is some back ground information on the GRACE family!!!



Hi All!

What an honor to have so many of my friends and family want updates on our sweet Delilah! We are truly blessed!

I want to share a little of Delilah's story first (if that’s ok!). Last summer, Dave and I felt that we wanted to expand our family. We have two awesome boys (Andrew, age 7 and Nicholas age 3), and felt that we wanted one more baby to make our family "complete". In October, we found out we were expecting another baby to be due on June 9th, 2013! We were elated, as were Andrew and Nicholas. God had blessed us once again!

Dave had wanted to keep the sex of the baby a secret, but, as most of you know exactly who I am, I am not the secret keeper! So, on March 3rd, we invited our parents (Gary, Shannon and Grandma Marge) over for dinner to "reveal" that we were expecting a girl!

Things with the pregnancy were going smoothly! On the night of March 14th, I went to work like normal. At around 4:30 in the morning (remember, I work the night shift!) I began to feel a little dizzy. I thought that I needed to eat some food. My charge nurse (the amazing Lindsey) picked up a sandwich and my favorite beverage of choice during my pregnancy (blood orange Lifewater) for me. I ate that at 4:45. I continued to feel dizzy, needing to sit down to do any work at all, and I even went and laid down twice. I kept trying to return to work. Finally, at around 5:45, I called on once again Lindsey, my charge nurse. I asked her to come to where I was laying down at. I discussed with her my symptoms of feeling very dizzy, and at this point, I disclosed to her that I had not felt the baby move much and I was beginning to feel crampy. I thought maybe I was getting a stomach bug. Lindsey and I decided to check me into the triage department of Labor and Delivery where I work. We put the baby on the monitor and found her heart rate to be slow around 6 am. I called Dave, who was quickly on his way. I continued to get more and more painful. The baby's heart rate recovered over a period of time. At around 7:15 in the morning, I began to bleed. It was at this point that my doctor (who saved my daughter's and my life!...and a true miracle and blessing from God...how do you every repay that?) said I was having a placental abruption and needed to deliver the baby.

Delilah Jane Grace was born on March 15th at 7:47 AM. She was 12 weeks and 2 days early. She weighed 2lbs 15 ounces and was 15 inches long.

She and I had the very best doctors and nurses caring for us! I am often reminded of funny things I said during this crisis situation. It feels good to remember some humor of this very scary and emergency situation! I am so very grateful for how my co-workers treated my husband too! There was truly no better place for me to be than with the very best Labor and Delivery, NICU and anesthesia team! I am more and more amazed at how wonderful this place really is! Dave continued to be amazed at how "bad ass" (his words) nurses and doctors really are!!

I am recovering well. It is amazing what 7 units of Red Blood Cells and 2 units for Plasma will do for a girl! I had never really thought of the gift that people give when they donate blood. Now, I see it in a whole new light. So, if you feel so compelled, donate some of your own Red Blood Cells!! It saved my life!!

For being early, Delilah is doing great! She was initially intubated (a breathing tube in her lungs to help her breathe) but was taken off of that in 26 hours. She then went to "CI-PAP" for 2 days, then went to "C-PAP" (what people who have sleep apnea sleep with) for another 2 days. Currently she is on what is called HFNC, which looks like a little oxygen mask in her nose that gives her some air pressure (I think...remember, I am NOT a Neonatal Nurse, I take care of Mommy's). She is at a rate of 3 (down from 4). The babies get down to 1, and then get the HFNC discontinued. She will most likely be on the HFNC for a while as it decreases the amount of energy she needs to use to stay oxygenated. She has a nasogastric tube which is a small tube from her nose down to her tummy that gives her mommy's breast milk every 3 hours. I pump my breasts every 3 hours so she can have my milk. She does not have an IV anymore (that was taken out on Wednesday...5 days old!), which means she is getting all of her nutrition from me, even though she is on not on the inside anymore! She stays in an incubator which regulates the temperature and humidity for her. Dave and I are able to hold her skin to skin (called Kangaroo care) for at least 1 hour every day. Today, she had the hiccups...so cute! She will stay in the incubator until she weighs 4 lbs. Today Mar 22 2012, she weighed 2 lbs 9 ounces (that is a 33 gram weight gain from yesterday!) Babies generally stay in the NICU until they are 36-40 weeks in gestation. Delilah was 27.5 weeks, so that is around 8-12 weeks from when she was born.

This morning she will be one week old! At one week, the doctors do an ultrasound of pre-mature baby's heads. They are looking for bleeding in her brain. We are praying that she will not have any bleeding!

Thank you all so much for your love and support. It means so much to Dave and I and our boys!

Much Love,

Dave and Erin GRACE



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