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I am a widow and single mother of three .2016 has been a very hard year For my family l have a disable son l been caring for sinse his birth in August 1979. lalways loved my son never turning my back on him or my 2 Daughter's .my Husband passed away July 5 .2010. It.s been a struggle every sinse l would handle my girl,s and he did the part of handling my son when it came to discipline in my home always considered my self to be a strong and independent woman .l,ve always kept a job and kept my home in order Earlier this year Was when things spiraled out ta control m y son who had a stroke at age 4 ,and who is mentally retarded was mislead by a young lady that claimed she really cared about him she influenced him to leave home and move in her mother,s home were they used him and then put him out l tried on several occasions to get my son to come home but he was so Brain wash and in love he didn't listen to me till they used him for all his money .Even the mother of the lady was in on it m y son is also a Diabetic and on medication 2 times a day l.v e always monitored and seen to him taking his medication I would call my son every day asking him to come home . But he was so convinced by the the little lady and her mother that the girl really loved him in which they were using him for his money one day I was in my room and noticed my son's diabetic medication was in on the table by my bed I tried making a phone call to him and noticed that his cell phone was off i started look for information on the girl up in his room and found a phone number with the young lady's name on it come to find out it was her her mother's phone phone I asked could I speak to my son she stated that yes but after he got on the phone you could tell he was surrounded by people. Listening to his conversation then i heard the mother say u have to get off my phone using up my minutes and what he was saying the mother appeared back on the phone and I said I need to speak to my son because he's not taking his medication he's a diabetic she stated that yeah he take his medicine I see him take it everyday I then explain to her manm that's not a true statement that because I have the medication here at home she pause and gave him the phone as I was talking to my son about you need to come home because you not taking your medication she then told him to get off the phone she didn't have that many minutes on her phone next thing I know the phone hung up I tried calling back several times each time the phone would be hung up in my face so i call my son's doctor and explain to him what was going on so he said i gave him the number and asked him to please vall and talk to him maybe he would come home . if he would call being the person that he was and he's been seeing my son since he was 15 years old he made thephone call to that number he was able to speak to my son he said hi Kevin how are you doing I am very concerned about you your mom's looking for you are you with friends and he told him who he was his doctor he recognized the voice and then someone hung up hung up the phone the doctor then later call me back and told me that he got a chance to speak to Kevin but someone hung up so he told me what I would need to do is maybe going trying to do a commitment on him because of his disability I did as I was told. We ended up losing our apartment due to myself being on long term disability and me not having a job at that time because I left my job due to stress l am on medication I do all that I can for my son as for taking care of him and it's beginning to be too overwhelming so I ended up moving in with my daughter and her boyfriend. because of his attitude and havng a bad attitude towards me regarding my son lt resulted to him kick me out I went to my brother-in-law's house my brother-in-law is disabled and has several serious medical issues that he's going through including an oversized heart the day that he went back into the hospital I had no choice but to go back to my daughter's home and continue to reside there and then I received a phone call from my niece stating that my son was over at her father's house i spoke to my son and ask him what was wrong that.s when he told me that because he had no money the mother put him out and would be calling him retarded he said he had no were to go so came were he last new I was .there i explain to my son I no longer live over there I'm at your sister's house and to catch the bus there he said but Mama I don't have any money I said well stay there and I'm on my way I met him he was carrying a black trash bag with his clothing and looked to be sick i tookmy son to the emergency he had lost a lot of weight he had a urinary tract infection we went back to my daughter's house her boyfriend was not satisfied because he doesn't understand that my son is mentally retarded and that he is easy to be to be mislead by the person he then let her stay there two weeks and then kicked us out on a rainy Saturday and turned and went to my mother's and father's home in which they are deceased my sister and her four children plus a daughter's boyfriend lived there we had to sleep on the floor the houses in unlivable conditions there's no gas or hot water and the house is infested with large rodents and sleeping on the floor all you smell is rat droppings and urine l broke out with a bad rash on my arm at times I would get angry at my son and remind him we had our own home we wouldn't be going through this if you would just listen to me but he has an IQ of 51 and there are times that he don't understand and from the stroke don,t. Comprehend things because of the brain injury that he suffered there are daily reminders of personal hygiene ,also oral care and verbal reminders so I've decided to try to find us a Home ive always had good rental history due to one mistake my son made we now have a broken lease it is not easy so I got a green sheet and I started looking for an individual owner someone that would be willing to lease a house that we could afford after finding one I didn't know after living in an apartment all the time that living in a house that the deposit was higher than what u pay elsewhere. you had to get a refrigerator and stove and also deposit for a gas ,water, an electric I'm a mother doing the best that I can and I've used the money to put down for the deposit therefore I don't have any money left .we are supposed to move in November 3rd but I'm not able to purchase a stove and refrigerator all utilies need to be started I know there are others out there that do need help but I'm just a mother that has been having to use my brain not only for myself but as well for my son from The Stroke that my son had he never learned to read and myself I am applying for disability this has really taking a toll on me mentally but I'll be ok with god,s help and prayers . I am on medication for anxiety depression and having trouble sleeping at night it is 4 a.m. and I'm a bit stressed and worried on Friday I call the utility company to try to get that set up and what they are requesting a deposit for the Lights, Gas and Water I've used all the money that I've had to pay the deposit which is more than what you would pay in an apartment and I just don't have the money we are supposed to move in November 3rd 2016 I went to family and I don't have a large family only 2 sister,s and they have there own to care for I went to my mother-in-law and even asked her for help she stated maybe I should go to the churches and ask them but I told her that the only way they would help you is that you have active account or a a ct off notice and that I don't have I've applied for jobs through indeed 55 applications sinse march and didn't receive no call back .l applied at MD Anderson Hospital in the Texas Medical Center and finally I got an interview and a job offer I've been waiting since September 10 2016 to start working but due to them doing drug test and testing You for Smoking I'm still waiting on the clear of the smoking test. There was no drugs found in my system but there's further testing being done to see if I use nicotine gum or did I smoke really smoke a cigarette I've explained to them that I was on Chantix at one time due to the side effects being so strong I kept a headache all day so that's the reason I started chewing the nicotine gum I didn't know a lot about the nicotine gum but I felt like it was something that will keep me from Especially whe i would get nervous wanting to smoke a cigarette it is now October 29th ,2016and I am still waiting. I received a call on Friday said that they hadn't got the results back from the lab the type of test can takeore than 4 weeks me and my son is scheduled to move in November 3rd 2016, and all the money I had I've used to pay the deposit which cost more than living in an apartment and I'm scheduled to pay the rent by the 3rd if I want to keep the place and is trying real hard to come up with funds I'm in need so much help and it brings tears to my eyes to know that as a mother your job is hard .and people u know fail u n a time of need .who do so much and try to do the best she can I'm just down on my luck with getting the fridgerator and the utilities turned on I've spoken to the rent lady and she's a very nice lady and she said that I should have told her when I gave her the money that I could get the place but I wasn't able to get the utilities turned on I am doing the best that I can and if there's someone out there that can help me it would be grea tly appreciated. I am aware that there's others out there and that may need just as much their people that is sick there's people that are not able to bury their loved one but I'm just trying to keep myself from either losing my mind and my sanity so if you feel like you can donate to me and my son I'll continue to be the best mom that I can be but at times it's not easyplease pray for me and thank u .and god Bless.I also have to have food


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