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Help her have a respiratory tract

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Hae Na did not have a respiratory tract from the time she was born.
She is just like all the other babies, bright, smart and cute. But she does not have her respiratory tract. Help Hae Na to have a respiratory tract. Hae Na cannot breathe on her own. She depends her life on tubes connected to her.

This disease is a very rare disease. It has only been found 10 times throughout the whole world. Hae Na is suffering so much from the respiratory tract which she did not have in the first place.

Hae Na receives her nutriments through her stomach because she does not have a respiratory tract. Her hands are tied up because she tries to take the tubes off her body all the time. Hae Na cannot even flip her body because it can be extremely dangerous for her life.

The doctors said that she can only live for 2 months.
But amazingly, she is still alive after 3 months

Currently, she needs to fly to Sweden for her treatment. Though this is a very rare disease, it has been told that she could live when she gets the right surgery and the treatments. No doctors in South Korea has ever done this surgery and that is why she needs to go to the doctor who has done this surgery successfully.

It has been told that this surgery has been successfully performed twice throughout the world.

Please help her get her respiratory tract back everyone!
Your small support can save this cute baby and let her have a happy and a beautiful life!

Thank you very much!

**You can also directly help her at

4F SC Medical Center 8-4
O-Ryu 1 Dong Gu Ro Goo
Seoul South Korea

Tel: 82-02-2613-8864, 82-010-4405-1130
Fax: 82-02-2060-5718



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