Help Jackson and others like him with new twin sized bedding.



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Help Jackson  and others like him with new twin sized bedding. Photo

The Story

Jackson is 32 years old and has faced a life long share of misfortunes. At a young age he was taught to not rely on others and fend for himself. With an abusive father and a distant mother that lesson was an easy one to learn. Throughout high school Jackson often found himself sleeping on couches at friends' homes to avoid facing his hurting familiy. This created a pattern of homelessness in his life, a pattern he wishes to have never discovered. 


Fast forward 10 years and Jackson found himself on the streets of Sacramento. "A blessing" is what he calls living on the streets of Sacramento. Why? "Because I found out about the Mather Community Campus and all the programs that could help me get the confidence I need to get over my hurt." What would you say to the regular person out there who doesn't understand where you're coming from? "Have you ever felt like dirt? Like you are not good enough for anyone or capable of doing anything? This is what I've been taught my whole life and I know nothing more, but I want to learn. I want to be better and VOA can help me." 


The Mather Community Campus is a 12 month program for individuals who are living in homelessness or are faced with the possibility of becoming homeless. It is a sober living program that gives individuals the tools they need to regain their footing. Couseling, alcohol treatment programs, credit rehabilitation, employment training, life-skills classes and more are all available to the residents. 


We need you to help us continue the work that has impacted the lives of individuals like Jackson. How can you help? 


1. Donate funds that will help us purchase much needed sheets for the beds these men and women sleep on.

2. Purchase twin size bedding and drop it off to 10326 Schirra Avenue, Mather Ca. On-site contact: Erika Acosta 916-231-8693. 


For more information or if you have any questions please contact Ana Bankert at 916-265-3966 or


Thank you for investing in Jackson's future!