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EVENT DATE: Aug 31, 2013

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Hey everbody, I'm Dave and I'm a writer for The Borgen Project, a nonprofit group dedicated to ending global poverty through advocacy and foreign policy change. Right now, we're working on the "I Am An Advocate" fundraising campaign to support our cause. The campaign lasts officially until August 30, 2013 (although you can always give to The Borgen Project).

Here are some reasons to consider when mulling foreign policy and it's connection to global poverty:

BUT US ALREADY DOES ENOUGH... No it doesn't.  We're consistently ranked toward the bottom in international assistance, giving more money to our largest defense contractor than we give to all aid efforts combined. That means one company gets more money from tax-payers than the amount allocated toward reducing world hunger, helping people impacted by war and disaster, and all other programs aimed at assisting people internationally combined. 

BUT WE'VE ALREADY SPENT BILLIONS WITH NO RESULTS... Really?  No results?  Over the past 20 years malnutrition has been cut in half. There are more children in school today than at any time in history. Widespread diseases such as smallpox and polio have nearly been eliminated. Considering we only give about $28 billion per year ($550 billion going to Defense, $130 going to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan), the results have been pretty impressive.  

BUT THE US CAN’T AFFORD TO HELP...Wrong again sir, or ma'am.  It is actually in our economic interest to help other nations financially.  We’ve made investments in assisting the world’s poor, and we’ve already seen a large return. For example, over 40%of U.S. exports now go to developing nations. Most of our top trading partners were once recipients of U.S. aid. We benefit when people in developing countries are thriving and becoming consumers. We don’t benefit if poverty remains intact. 

WHY SHOULD I DONATE TO THE BORGEN PROJECT?​  The Borgen Project is a vehicle for creating large-scale systematic change. It has become an influential ally for the world’s poor. With a lean structure and a small budget, The Borgen Project manages to have a level of political access that rivals Fortune 500 companies. Even small donations have a major impact in fueling the cause and building a political powerhouse for the world’s poor.  So what have we done so far?  Glad you asked: 

In 2007, we played a key part in getting the Global Poverty Act passed in the House of Representatives.  The bill didn’t pass the Senate, but President Obama has incorporated the objectives of the bill into his foreign policy strategy and has made global poverty and development a greater component of U.S. foreign policy.  More specifically, we've lobbied the president since 2006 and encouraged his staff to make the Millennium Development Goals part of his then-anticipated presidential campaign. They did, becoming the only campaign to make the Millennium Development Goals part of its foreign policy platform.

We secured cosponsors for the following legislation: The Global Poverty Act; Newborn, Child and Mother Survival Act; Global Food Security Act; Stop TB Now Act; Water for the World Act; Congressional Commission on the Abolition of Modern-Day Slavery Act.


Any donation you provide will be greatly appreciated and will help us all eventually actualize the goal of ending global poverty.  Please tell everyone you know about these issues and share this fundraising page.  Thank you.

Visit The Borgen Project: http://borgenproject.org/

I Am An Advocate: http://borgenproject.org/current-fundraising-campaign/

My Blog (includes all work done with The Borgen Project): http://communictr.blogspot.com/


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