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Help the Talibés Street Children in Senegal

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EVENT DATE: May 19, 2014

Sarah Witt


Here is a picture of a young senegalese child using an empty can for begging. Each morning he gets up, take his empty can and head onto the street to beg all day long. 

This is the reality of the life for many children in Senegal. 

These boys are known as "Talibes", followers of a "marabout", to whom they were entrusted by their families to learn the Koran. But their marabout does not have the means to support them.

As a result, thousands of Talibes spend hours each day walking the city in search of scraps of food and begging for money to meet a daily quota exacted by their marabouts, or face beatings. Often with ripped clothes, barefoot and filthy, the children move alone or in packs.

Despite the efforts of NGOs and government agencies to tackle the problem, it continues because of a persistent poverty, an inadequate response by the government and the power of marabouts in Senegalese society. 

Help me to volunteer and help the children of the streets in Segenal. 

My goal is to have the opportunity to work in one center designed to help these children, by offering them access to education, health, and recreation. 

My mission would revolve around education, healthcare, distribution of food, sports and activities, but also making sure the center is kept-up and creating a positive environment for the children. My work would also consist in helping the children with tasks such as brushing their teeth and washing their clothes, or just spending time with them playing around.

These centers are vital and help ensure that the street children stay healthy and are taught basic life skills in order to help them in the future.

This page stands for everything I believe in, everything I want to accomplish, and most fundamentally, who I am.

Help me to get there. Every dollar you donate would be very important in building a better futur for these children. 

Thanks for your time, consideration, and support. 



"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has". -- Margaret Mead




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Sarah is working on selecting a charity so you can support Help the Talibés Street Children in Senegal.