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I'm very lucky, fortunate, and blessed to have had a wonderful childhood. My parents were able to provide for me, take care of me, and raise me into the woman I am today and I am so thankful for that as I turn a year older. Unfortunately, children living in less developed areas of the world will not ever have the kind of childhood I had.

They won't be able to play video games because they don't have electricity.
They won't be able to afford a smartphone or computer because their parents are impoverished.
They won't be able to enjoy the simple pleasures of pizza or mac and cheese because food costs are astronomical and the land is losing its arability
They can't just run around and play with other kids in a friendly game of tag or hopscotch in fear of a drone attack or incoming missile from terrorists or an enemy country.
If they get sick from a cold or the chickenpox, they might die as their parents won't have access or can't afford medicine

The simple things that we took for granted many other kids are deprived of all because of circumstances they had absolutely no control over.

So I want to help them.

I donated to this charity before, I want to donate again. Children in third world or developing countries may not ever live to be 25. Maybe we can help them so they can have a better life.

Save the Children gives children around the world what every child deserves -- a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and care when disaster strikes.


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