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This is about my step-daughter, Izzy, who is 6 years old. Her story starts with always bringing home yeast infections at age 3-4. Soon followed by stories of being locked in her room for several nights and forced to potty in her room, being force fed hot sauce, being locked in a hot car with windows rolled up, being denied vegetables, denied homework time, being sent to school in moldy clothes, the list goes on- including her mouth rotting out at the age of 5 because her mother let her go w/out personal hygiene. At age 5, she reported her mother to the police for some of these actions. Police stated nothing was illegal and the mother got a slap on the hand for the hot car issue. Mother just claimed Izzy is a liar. We have been trying to get the mother to sign consent forms to send Izzy to child therapy for years, and to this day all she does is lie to therapists that we interview- telling them that Izzy does not have insurance and she can not afford the services.

Going back a bit in the story.. When she started kindergarten, we could not afford the gas to go back and forth for a 3 hour day. So, I volunteered at her school and taught kids to read and do math. Her mother had an issue with this for whatever reason and would withhold Izzy from school on field trips that I was helping on, as well as other random days when she was not in our care. When Izzy started 1st grade, I was pregnant and could not continue to volunteer. This is when the alienation started little by little as our car started having trouble getting across town in weather and with mechanical issues, thus Izzy having to stay with her mom to get to school because her mother refused to change dates so that Izzy could go to school and come to our home. Izzy started to change for the worst. She started lying about everything possible and being really mean to me, telling lies about me, trying to segregate me from my husband by ignoring me, defying anything I say, and blaming me for her having issues with her peers at school, among other things. Izzy even told my 14 year old son that he did not have to be a part of this family anymore- for no reason. Izzy confessed to us that she actively teaches her 3 year old sister with her other family to lie. She stated that she teaches the kid to lie like her teacher teaches her about science. We told her mother about this and she stated that she already knew. Izzy got rewarded with a week of swimming for being mean and lying. This is not the first time she was rewarded for lying to us- this happens often.

We pay $700/mo in child support before we get to take care of her at our home. We also have a 13 yr old and a 5 mo old and only make 40k/year. Izzys mom signed her up for school 15 miles from our home when we didn't have transportation and we have her Sun-Wed, weekly. We can't afford the $200/mo in gas, the 600 miles/mo on our 20 yr old car, nor a lawyer to fix these issues in court. On top of that, the mother is court ordered to pay the child's health insurance for years now and she refuses. We have been paying for it for going on 3 years now, while we can barely afford to keep a roof over our head. We have filed the appropriate contempt of court papers for several acts of contempt, but we keep getting denied. The mother has been refusing my husband any say so in his child, other than paying her bills. When he tells her that we can not afford this school schedule and distance on top of everything else, she says talk to her lawyer. For the past month, we can not afford the gas to get her to/from school. Her mother left us with the options of letting her miss school to come home to us (which is illegal) or going to school and missing her home time with us. Being responsible parents, we have to let her go to school. Her mother has not let her come over here in a month now. Izzy was returned to us on Fathers Day, but Izzy told us promptly that she wanted to leave our home and never come back. It was almost as if her mother was waiting outside for her call. On her way out of the door, she told us that she feels bullied at our home because she gets disciplined here and never at her moms.

After that, my husband waited for a few days to call Izzy, to allow her some time to cool down and get herself together. We were unable to get in touch with her, so he sent the mother an email. This email explained how Izzy had been acting hateful to me and lying through her teeth about everything in life, asking the mother for advice on their daughter. We never received a response. A few days later, he tries contact again. This time, Izzy is not with the mother and the mother refuses to give up any information on where she is. This is yet another contempt of court. My husband told the mother to have the child ready at 6:30PM for our weekly visitation. He received an email back from her lawyer stating that Izzy is afraid of me and will not be coming back to our home as they are filing papers with the court to make this happen promptly. The lawyer has been bullying up on my husband through email stating that we are the abusers. The lawyer is claiming that my husband has been denying Izzy therapy for years and the mother has been fighting for it! They are making up a story about me hitting Izzy in the face with a folder of some sort. Things are getting so far out of hand that my step-daughter is being brainwashed to believe she is afraid of us in our home. Well, my husband was finally able to speak to Izzy last night and she begged to come home! She stated she is not scared at all and has cooled down since her last breakdown.

Now, my family is not only going hungry and without necessities in life, but also losing our daughter to brainwashing. Parental alienation of a child is a very harmful issue. Most children go to the dark side and never come back to the family they were taught to hate. I know that she has already been taught to hate me and fear me for no reason. Without a lawyer or someone to intervene in this awful situation, Izzy may be bullied into being a financial pawn for her mother her entire life. She has been taught to hate everyone in this home, including her newborn sister. Children in this situation often turn to drugs and other forms of self abuse to feel some sort of control in their life. Izzy has already been caught sneaking off to throw her food up on several occasions. her mother's advice to this when we told her was for Izzy to eat more bland foods.. whatever that means. We are afraid of this situation having the potential to ruin her entire life, as well as her children's in the future. Our families future depends on this situation getting under control. Izzy's mother has been bullying our family for way too long and now she is alienating our daughter and teaching her to treat us the same. Please help us get our daughter and life back! Our family is being made out to look like monsters, when we have been fighting for Izzy this whole time while her mother sits back and neglects her. We have years of emails to use as evidence, but we need a lawyer to make this right. Please help our family. Too many times the courts do not recognize parental alienation and it is a thing that happens far too often. Once a kid passes over to the dark side, it is rare that they come back. We can not afford a lawyer and every time we think we can get ahead, her lawyer bullies us into forking out more money for more lies in court. No matter what, we lose because we can not afford a lawyer. No matter what we pay her legal fee's and go without the basics in our home. PLEASE HELP US GET AWAY FROM THIS!!! Too many children are being used as financial and emotional pawns in this game that jealous parents like to play. Let's share this story with the world after saving Izzy's life. Let's use this story of sob for a story of inspiration for parents alike who go through life miserable and poor in situations like this. Father's are abused by the court system every day. Mother's should have to work equally as hard as father's for their children. Help us get a good lawyer to bring our daughter home to safety and secure her future.


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