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Dog Owner broke almost homeless after saving his dog's life

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Aaron is the most responsible owner there is. He is patient with his aging dog Cloe and wants nothing but the best life for her in her later years.

This past weekend (Jan 6th 2012). Aaron allowed us to film a short film in his house with his roommates (tenants) while he went out for the evening. He was not gone for more than 30 minutes before one of his roommates accidentally let Cloe out of Aaron's room where he puts her when he is gone to keep her safe and out of trouble. All of the attention was on the project in the other room while Cloe went to the living room and got into the meal we had got on the coffee table where she got a hold of a chicken bone. Someone saw her at the last minute fully consume the leg and attempted to reach down her throat before it got stuck. He was too late. Cloe was choking and having trouble breathing. I rushed her to the Emergency Vet and called Aaron to meet us there. Aaron had not even reached his destination when we called him.

Before the vet would even see her they wanted $400. We talked them down to $290. I forked over all the cash I had in my pockets with the help from two others and Aaron had to cover the rest. He stayed with Cloe until she was in the ER and held over night.

Arron had to pay $5,000 to get her the treatment she needed before they would begin the surgery. No payment plans. No options to lower the total.

Aaron is now without money for food, gas or the approaching rent due at the end of the month. He may face having to move out and couch surfing. To friends home that allow dogs of course.

We are all just actors, servers, indie filmakers out her in LA trying to make things happen and this is a tragic accident that may cripple these friendships, desire and dreams of success. We will provide a copy of the bill for you to see and a picture of Cloe and Aaron once we figure out how this site works.

Just desperately trying to help Aaron for the help he sacrificed to his pet, friend and companion.

I will be making monthly contributions to Aaron out of my paychecks since I feel partially responsible since it was my project.



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David is working on selecting a charity so you can support Dog Owner broke almost homeless after saving his dog's life.