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Vladimir Bukovsky: Brave Freedom Fighter Needs Your Help Now



ORGANIZER: Maximilian W


Maximilian W Valerio wrote -

“With his back to the wall a man understands: ‘I am the people, I am the nation, I am the party, I am the class, and there is nothing else at all.’ And an astonishing thing happens. In fighting to preserve his integrity, he is simultaneously fighting for his people, his class, or his party. It is such individuals who win the right for their communities to live—even, perhaps, if they are not thinking of it at the time.”

-Vladimir Bukovsky

Vladimir Bukovsky, whom the New York Times called "the most widely known prisoner of conscience in the Soviet Union,"and "a hero of almost legendary proportion among the Soviet dissident movement, is fighting to preserve his legacy.

Bukovsky earned this legacy as a writer and political dissident whom Soviet leaders repeatedly sent to prisons, labor camps, and sanitariums -- a total of 12 years in captivity -- to stop him from spreading the truth about the totalitarian system in the Soviet Union.

Nothing - not prison, not confinement, not even torture or finally, exile - could force Bukovsky to back down from his commitment to human rights.  But now, his legacy is under attack...

Freedom Has A New Enemy

A leaked FSB document reveals Bukovsky is 1 of 5 people targeted for assassination. 2 of these people are now dead; 1 has been poisoned.

The new aggressor: Vladimir Putin. Putin is far from just a Russian problem.  Putin’s threats against democracy affect every single one of us - every single day.

The difference: Bukovksy is fighting for his own freedom this time. The government of his new home - the Crown Prosecution Service - has brought (conveniently timed) charges of possessing child pornography just one month after Bukovsky’s testimony against the real crimes committed by Vladimir Putin himself.

“Without hesitation, [Bukovsky] is the victim of profound provocation.  I strongly protest and demand clarification in this case and clearing Vladimir Bukovsky from these dirty accusations.”

-Kornel Morawiecki, member of the Polish Parliament

You Can Tip The Scales Towards Freedom, Today

Vladimir Bukovsky represents the spirit of free people. An attack on Bukovsky is an attack on the democratic future for us all and the right to justice.

Garry Kasparov - one of the best-known figures of today's Russian opposition - said that "Vladimir Bukovsky, a Putin critic persecuted for his bravery, deserves his day in court."

Soon that day will be here. For justice to prevail, Bukovsky needs your help now.

By his actions, Bukovsky changed the world. Today, you can change the world too, by helping Bukovsky get the legal defense he needs to get justice.

“His victory, it is our victory. And his defeat, it is our defeat... The movement for human rights. It is a universal movement. For freedom, ours and yours.”

--Legendary Soviet dissident Victor Fainberg

Please help. Every little bit counts. For freedom, ours and yours.


Here are 3 ways that you can tip the scales towards freedom::

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2) Share on Facebook, with a personal message to your friends about how you stand on the side of freedom with Vladimir Bukovsky

3) Donate just $25 – every little bit helps

This fundraising campaign has been authorized by The Gratitude Fund (EIN: 13-4015475) and Bukovsky’s close friend Yuri-Yarim Agaev, a member of the board of directors. 100% of your donation will be used directly to pay for Mr. Bukovsky's legal counsel.


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