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Help ONE Child Rise Up With Access to Education

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"If I could have one wish, it would be to educate the coming generation." -Teacher in Afghanistan This project will provide access to education in the most remote and impoverished areas of Afghanistan, Pakistan, & Tajikistan. You can help re-write the stories of thousands of deserving students, ensure that refugee children don't become a lost generation, and help these hard working people rise above any challenge that comes their way. Each day they face many barriers that try to keep them down, but together we won't let that happen. Together we will help them rise. "103 million youth worldwide lack basic literacy skills, and more than 60 percent of them are women." the UN reports. This number is even greater in rural areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan and creates a significant barrier which is hard to overcome. Without education girls are more likely to become child brides, can't read the laws that protect them, and the cycle of poverty continues. You can help the people of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan create a better future for the generations to follow. Access to education is vital to advance a country out of poverty and war. When a woman is educated she makes education a priority for her children and helps to teach the community around her. Through CAI programs we increase access to education so everyone has a chance to rise above their barriers and achieve their dreams. In 1996, CAI began this incredible mission and since then has implemented over 450 projects. We have seen the incredible impact these education programs and schools have had on the communities we serve. The people have shown their dedication and desire to rise above the barriers to achieve access to education and create a brighter future. However, they still need our help to continue this transformation.



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