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Help Now Advocacy Center

Our mission is to provide advice, support and skilled negotiation to individuals in crisis. Since 2004, we have assisted almost 8,400 community members in overcoming a variety of personal crises.

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Help Now! Advocacy is ready to respond to the COVID-19 crisis across our country. In fact, Help Now! is uniquely qualified to assist those most affected by the devastation that this pandemic has brought to our country. How can we help? By creating the first National Advocacy Hotline. And you can be a part of making that happen! Learn more about what we're planning and how you can help by watching the video below. 

BACKGROUND: Help Now!’s advocates are trained in negotiation and problem-solving techniques so that they can speak up for those lacking resources—cultural, financial, educational, physical, intellectual—to do so for themselves. The assistance that Help Now provides is non-legal. In some instances, we give our clients the information they need to resolve their own crises. In others, we take their information and use it to promptly negotiate a satisfactory resolution for them. In still other matters (for instance where legal representation is needed), we refer our clients to other professionals who, in support of our work, will frequently assist our clients at no cost or at a significantly reduced fee.

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