help for my children. the state has failed them yet again.

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August 18, 2016

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I am at the last resorts I can think. My children have been failed by the state of Kansas once again. So after a long and few rough years in September of 2015 I finally got my footbin the door and was able to obtain a 50/50 custody schedule of my children. It seemed as though things were finally falling into place. Just two short days ago my kids father filed for residential and won only because he had money and because according to the court system I do not have the time for them because I stay home and i am the basic caregiver of my youngest disabled son. OK so now that the basic has been covered I would like to take you into a bit of detail as to a few things that have been happening with my kids while in their fathers care. I recieved the children for my scheduled time and realize that my middle boy has something wrong with his ear. Since it was after 5pm and his Dr was gone we made an er visit because he complained it hurt and it was bleeding. When we get to the hospital they decided it needed flushed to help remove some of the built up infection. Our hospital er is just a small town er so the rooms really are not meant for that many people so I waited by the door so the doctor could do his job , I decided while I could necessarily be in the room it was the perfect chance to go to the restroom which was literally next door I could still hear everything that was going on in the room. The doctor and nurses asked him what happened if he fell or if he was wrestling with his twin brother and maybe he bumped it or what. My son then preceded to tell them that his father put on a set of boxing gloves and hit him in the ear as a punishment for not listening. The emergency doctors immediately called the police department to file a case. Fast forward to the next day and I get a call stating that the police need to speak to all the children that go to his home due to allegations of child abuse. I do what I'm told take them in to be interviewed, this is where it gets scary people, my children all of them told the police that theybget locked in the basement for days are only allowed to cone out to eat they use a portable camping potty when they are down there. Their dad has held a knife to their hands and tried to cut them off for trying to get into things, he has tied them to their beds for getting up to early and put duck tape on their mouths so he didn't have to hear them. He kicks them in the side and punches when he doesn't get His way throws things at them. At one point last year they even told their school counselor that they were afraid to go back to their dads house because he hurts them or leaves them alone while him and his girlfriend go out to the bar or to eat. Come to find out this has been happening for a couple years now but of course he was able to hide it well when I was only able to see them 8 days a month per court orders. After the police took the report they told me that gut instinct said to not allow the children to return to him because these stories where definitely more than just stories. Fast forward again to the next day and I get a call from the police department telling me they spoke to the children's dad and they didn't have enough evidence to do anything for my children. I was then told I'm sorry but the state of Kansas will be taking over this case and unfortunately the judge decided a 50/50 split time was just not working and gave him residential custody for the reasons listed above. They found every item in his home that the kids described he used on them they also had the report from the er staying that it was a blunt force that hit my son in the ear and collapsed his ear canal. My children are now living with a mo ster because the police department are to lazy to do their job. I am asking people please help my babies come home please help me get them out of their own personal hell. My children are only 7 and 9 and they have been through and seen more things than are even imaginable.


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Mikheal Killman

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Mikheal is still setting up this fundraiser so please check back so you can support help for my children. the state has failed them yet again..

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