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Hearts Found

Helping Hurting People Heal

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We have had to reinvent ourselves since the COVID 19 outbreak. 

Any amount will help us continue our mission. #SmallBusinessRelief

The  Founder and Arts Director of HeARTS Found has a desire to help others  heal from traumatic experiences. Her mission is to share her healing  process from childhood abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence and trauma  with those suffering from the same issues. You can learn more about  Sheri HERE.

Everyone  has a story. We all have had painful experiences in our lives. Some of  us have experienced extreme trauma or neglect. HeARTS Found is a 501c3  nonprofit organization dedicated to providing education, offering  emotional support and encouraging healing through creative expression  for Victims of Abuse, Individuals suffering with PTSD, Victims of  Chronic Pain, Depression, and Anxiety. These issues are "Invisible  Injuries" that leave long lasting scars. Depression is a silent killer.

Over  the past decade, health psychologists have begun noticing how the arts  are being used in a variety of ways to heal emotional injuries, reduce  symptoms, and redirect negative thinking patterns and behaviors.

HeARTS Found strives to be a beacon of light for those feeling lost in the dark.

Art is a Community Building Tool.

Healthy People Build Healthy Communities.