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Hearts of Gold Foundation (Hearts Of Gold Foundation)

The charity has been around for 19 years and we have made a bug difference helping orphans and children in extreme poverty.



The mission remains the same.

Taking care of what kid's need.

Food-Water-basics of Life...

A little cooperation from more

people is so  appreciated.

We are all volunteers. No one

gets a salary and even my tax

accountant does her job for free.

So all your donation is put to use

to buy foods and some clothes

and soft soled shoes. Once in a

while we send books, like a kids

science book or ABC123 books.

Our Romainan program  provides

the above and  jackets and boots.

WE are not politically minded

in any way nor pushing any religious

agenda. Just want to save the lives

and take the pain away from kids

that have absolutely nothing.