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Hearts & Crafts Counseling Inc

BCGC is a place where ANYONE struggling can get the support that they need, when they need it. Our staff has been very carefully selected, as we know how fragile people can be when they walk through our door, and the care they receive from us will have a major impact on their path to healing. As the only non-profit grief-counseling center in Bergen County, we pride ourselves on empathy, warmth, professionalism and creativity, so that when you come into our office, you know you've come to the right place. Exhale. We will walk with you for as long as you need us.

www.bergencountygriefcounseling.com Tax ID 20-0956381

It is our belief that EVERYONE should have access to quality, professional mental health counseling NO MATTER WHAT!  We want to eliminate the financial barriers that can exist that prevent people from getting the mental health counseling they need, when they need it most. To support this idea, we rely heavily on donations in order to keep our counseling fees low (haven't raised them in over a decade!), and subsidize the reduced fees and sometimes even free sessions that we offer on an as needed basis.  Our mission is to help children, teens, adults and families  feel supported while going through the bereavement process, living with someone with an illness, or dealing with divorce, abuse, anxiety, depression, or adjustment disorders. We help all individuals find comfort in a supportive environment where they can heal and grow without having to worry about the cost or compromising the level of care they deserve.