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Dreams Through STEAM - Youth Education Programs

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The mission of MP100 is to connect adolescents and young adults (participants) with the skill sets needed for careers in the innovative and tech-savvy world. We believe in developing individuals, empowering change and investing in creativity and innovative thinking.“The ARTS” (Music Emphasis) and Professional Development. The over 200 modules are exceptional and combine elements of creativity, art, business, life skills, technical prowess, academic achievement, workforce development, job shadowing, and real-life simulations. Participants learn “out of the box” thinking, research skills and technology-based S.T.E.A.M (Science Technology Engineering Arts Math) learning. MP100 endeavors to better youth through an infusion of lasting positive lifestyle and culture.

Music, in comparison to other skill- building, is a pathway to self- expression. MP100 proposes to partner and collaborate with traditional school- based music instruction by delivering an innovative, creative music curriculum.MP100 provides a distinctive educational experience that bridges classroom instruction to real-world practicum. It aligns the rigors of music education with workforce development. MP100 works with traditional school- based music instruction to increase participants’ awareness of the basics of music. They are exposed to the professional demands of the music industry while developing music knowledge in the areas of theory, history, composition, technology, and entrepreneurship. MP100 adds to the traditional by cultivating the entrepreneurial desire to take practicum to the field. MP100 stimulating modules increase participants’ interest which can result in increased enrollment, student participation, and course completion.

Media Technology:
Is intertwined in every facet of life; it is universal. It provides multiple developmental opportunities that benefit participants.
MP100 delivers new state-of-the-art workshop modules that prepare participants for future careers through Media and Professional Development. We have over 200 modules are exceptional and combine elements of creativity, art, business, life skills, technical prowess, academic achievement, workforce development, job shadowing, and real-life simulations. Youth are inspired through personal development, mentoring, music, dance, videography, business, products, and creative arts. Participants engage in leadership activities. They learn how to be a socially responsible, good neighbor, and how to give back to the community. MP100 collaborates with strategic business partners to develop community cohesiveness and involvement.

MP100 program is very adaptable and can seamlessly supplement existing school-based music and workforce development programs. The modules are age-appropriate and range from primary school to college.
MP100 provides linkages to direct music industry careers. The modules offer skill- building access to over 300 Career opportunities such as Media Journalism, Public Relations, Film Production, Entertainment Business & Law, Engineering, Digital Marketing, Computer Animation, Show Production, Interactive Technology, Cloud Technologies, Communications, Digital Arts, Computer Science, Creative Writing, Sports Marketing, Business Management & Strategies, Construction, Environmental Design, Publishing, and Distribution.

Our Program Is Powered by Steam, Fueled by Learning
STEAM learning (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) has become a vital part of education because these subjects help prepare students for life in the 21st century. STEAM-related jobs are included in the fastest-growing industries in the U.S. economy (Baird- Remba, Guey & Lubin, 2013). The number of STEAM- related jobs is expected to increase by the time your children grow up and join the workforce. We introduce STEAM early on to help participants develop an interest in and passion for these subjects, which may encourage them to pursue STEAM-related careers. STEAM learning also helps participants develop communication, collaboration, creativity and critical-thinking skills, which are valuable in any career path.