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Heartland Horses (HHEAL), Inc.

The HHEAL program was founded on the belief that experiencing and riding horses in a safe , yet challenging environment can significantly improve the lives of individuals who are physically, emotionally, or developmentally challenged. We rely solely on volunteers, our generous corporate supporters, and private contributions.

http://www.heartlandhorses.org/ Tax ID 59-3734956


Originally  established  in  September  1998  as  a  riding  program  for  individuals  with  special  needs .  This  exceptional  volunteer  program  puts  together  riders  and  horses  in  a  unique  mixture  of  physical  interaction ,  excercise,  education,  and  FUN!  We  have  the  privilage  of  observing  "miracles"  throughout  the  year  as  the  result  of  the  magic  (beneficial  to  the   emotional  and  physical  well-being )  of  our  horses.  

Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19, our non-profit organization has began to feel its impact and we had to cancel one of our largest fundraising events of the year, Denim & Diamonds. This annual event helps with the cost of feeding our beloved 9 horses, as well as their veterinary care, and other ancillary costs related to their well-being.

Additionally, we have had to temporarily close our free of charge Therapeutic Riding Lessons, a service we offer for those who are physically, emotionally, or developmentally disabled. The closure of this service is to ensure we are stopping the spread of the virus to the best of our ability.

At this time, we are reaching out and asking for donations to help our program stay afloat, and to be able to resume all of our amazing activities once we can safely do so again.

We  send  our  love  to  all  those  who  have  been  affected  during  this  pandemic,  and  we  thank  you  all  for  your  generosity.