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At HeartBound we know that rehabilitation is in every community’s best interest. Rehabilitation doesn’t happen by accident, and it rarely happens without help.

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HeartBound Ministries’ mission is to provide programs and resources to meet the needs of the prison community – correctional staff, inmates, and their families – changing the culture from one of crime and incarceration to hope and restoration. Our comprehensive array of programs provide much-needed services for the prison community. HeartBound believes that prison can be more than just a place where people serve time. We envision a prison system where lives are healed, transformed, and redeemed. We see a future where the cycle of crime and incarceration is broken, recidivism rates are reduced dramatically, and prisoners are restored to their families, faith, and communities.


•             Project ART (Art to Rehabilitate and Teach):  Uses art lessons to teach character and build positive relationships between incarcerated youth/adults and instructors who provide mentoring and guidance. To learn more, check out this article in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution: https://www.ajc.com/news/local/doing-good-nonprofit-reaches-out-prisons-helps-change-lives/JU7UVM9rRMrQV60ll7AEoK/

Read about Project ART mentor Omar Howard at: https://www.ajc.com/lifestyles/prison-chaplain-gets-pardon/WzNI2y0miDhC7YLrKx3xAM/

•             Prison Adoption Program:  Encourages individuals and organizations to adopt a prison and provide support for the staff and inmates. Read about Chaplain Omar Howard at: https://www.ajc.com/lifestyles/chaplain-giving-back-what-has-been-given-him/NFqFtbbE88XtFvJ4HRwcWL/

•             Little Readers:  A personalized, recorded reading program allowing children of incarcerated parents to see and hear their mothers and fathers reading a book to them on DVD.  These personalized, read-along DVDs help decrease children's fear about their parent's absence and feel more secure in their relationship, while promoting literacy and book access. Most inmates rarely have face to face visits with their kids, much less read to them.   HeartBound's Little Readers program is a game changer. Because of Little Readers, inmates are now reading to their children and their children are reading along, thus promoting a culture of literacy and book access in families impacted by incarceration. To watch an incarcerated mom reading for her children, click here: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/humankind/2018/05/07/incarcerated-moms-stay-connected-their-little-ones-through-reading/578691002/

•             Little Readers Book Club: Provides carts stocked with books and educational games in prison visitation rooms so that children can read and positively interact with their incarcerated loved one during prison visitation(s). When children read 10 or more books, they receive a prize back containing their very own book. To view a video, click here: https://youtu.be/2R3pUrVLg5E

•             Returning Hearts Celebration:  An event that unites children and their incarcerated parent on the prison grounds for an unforgettable day of games, food, crafts, relationship building and teaching to facilitate the healing process and break the cycle of crime and incarceration in families.

•             100 Shares Children’s Visitation Center:  Located at Metro Women’s Transitional Center, this visitation center allows children to visit with their incarcerated mothers in a fun, child-friendly environment that encourages a sense of normalcy and offers a brief reprieve from the pain and loss children have experienced as a result of being separated from their mothers. Learn more at:  https://www.ajc.com/lifestyles/parenting/life-with-gracie-making-prison-visitations-more-family-friendly/XDP0JAgSrKeuFSKpo9YxFN/

•             Malachi Dads:  A weekly parenting training program for incarcerated fathers.

•             Trauma Counseling:  Twice-weekly professional counseling services are provided at no charge to female transitional center residents.

•             Art from the Inside:  An annual art show and sale showcasing the remarkable and often hidden talents of Georgia inmates. Proceeds benefit the Little Readers program. To see this program in action, click on:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-geYKJvO5I&t=33 and to read more click here:  https://www.ajc.com/news/local/inmate-artwork-supports-little-readers-program-for-children/tolurThqgi9qCWh965E21O/

•             Women’s Prison Seminary – In January 2019, HeartBound opened the first-ever women’s prison seminary in Georgia at Whitworth Women’s Facility in Hartwell so that incarcerated women can obtain a college education at no cost.