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Saving Lives, One Heart at a Time

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Heartbeat International Foundation saves lives globally by providing cardiovascular implantable devices and treatment to the needy people of the world.

“When my son was sleeping, sometimes I couldn’t hear his heart. I knew if God decided it was time, he might not wake up in the morning. I knew he needed a pacemaker.

I felt really bad, because I couldn’t save my son’s life.”

At Heartbeat International, we never want to hear anybody say that. Arturo was only 7 years old when his parents told us their story about their son’s heart problems. We were able to help save his life through the help of our donors, our volunteer doctors, and our sponsors.

Our mission is to provide life-saving cardiac procedures to disadvantaged people so that they may return to a productive life. For only $585, you could save a person’s life, for life.

Please donate today – every life matters.

Since 1984, Heartbeat International Foundation has saved more than 16,000 lives by providing life-saving cardiac services to families and individuals who can’t afford them. We connect patients in need of pacemakers and other cardiac technologies with local, volunteer doctors. We partner with BIOTRONIK, a leader in cardiac technology, and with our network of volunteers are we able to save lives around the world.

How are we different than other life-saving non-profits?

Our doctors are 100% volunteer – and they live in the countries they serve. We don’t use donation money to fly doctors around – our team has their boots on the ground.

Our services are lifelong – we follow up with our patients and provide support services so they can get strong and live productive lives. If they need follow-up procedures, we take care of them for life.

We have saved more than 16,000 lives since 1984, in over 20 countries around the world.

Getting a cardiac implant can cost upwards of $50k. For Heartbeat International patients, we can save their life with a donation of only $585.

Our work isn’t possible without donors, sponsors, and volunteers – any amount helps, please donate today.