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EVENT DATE: Jun 14, 2015

Amy Leiter




Belief: "The creative process involved in the making of art is healing and life enhancing.” —American Art Therapy Association

Mission: Violet Hive Art Therapy's purpose is to help clients recognize their strengths, overcome challenges and move forward with their dreams through art and creative expression.

Services: We integrate art therapy into client's lives through individual or group sessions or through an open art studio or workshop programming.

(See photos to the left from our current after school program.)


From a very young age I have had a passion for art making as a way to learn and explore my world. After working as a professional designer for several years, I discovered I could embrace my expression and creativity in the service of children and adolescents. I entered graduate school to train to offer art as a powerful mode for healing. With my M.A. from Naropa University in Counseling and Art Therapy, my dream of using art to heal is realized through the creation of the nonprofit organization, Violet Hive Art Therapy and Healing. We are off to a great start. However, we could use some help, which is why we need YOU!

As a child of adoption, I have personally experienced the profound healing that counseling and art therapy can provide. My passion for children and my clinical experience have prepared me to offer comprehensive support to clients from various backgrounds with a wide variety of needs. My goal is to create an organization that promotes community and hope while giving clients choice, no matter their circumstances.

At Violet Hive Art Therapy and Healing we guide and support individuals and families in their journey through the healing process. Clients will learn to recognize their strengths, identify challenges and overcome adversity. With the support of the Violet Hive Art Therapy and Healing team, individuals will also learn how to identify and communicate their feelings and emotions, which in turn can influence the course of their lives.


We officially have nonprofit 501(c)(3) status which will allows our organization to provide affordable services for individuals and families who have experienced trauma, mental illness or other life challenges. We have also identified several artists and practitioners who will partner with us to provide workshops, therapy, acupuncture and nutrition/health services and are looking for our first space. 


Your donations will go toward the necessities: art materials and to support our work as an art therapy provider for various non-profit organizations focusing on child welfare as an addition to their existing programs. A secondary aspect of this venture will be to acquire and set up a space for individual and group therapy.

You may also attend our grand opening of our new location at Elm/Colfax 09/04/2015

Donation Levels:

Drawing: $50 will provide art materials for 1 child for 4 sessions (1 month)

Painter: $100 will provide art materials for 1 child for 8 sessions (2 months)

Sculptor: $500 will provide funds establishing our workshops & art materials for 10 sessions.

Master Level: 1,000.00 will provide funds sponsoring an entire workshop (art materials for 10 children 8 sessions)

We also welcome in-kind donations. We appreciate anything you have to offer. If you cannot contribute financially there are ways to support our creative goals–a donation of materials, the gift of your time and talents. Please message us regarding these types of gifts.

If you aren’t yet convinced, please check out the attached photos and video “The Science of Happiness” to get an idea of how powerful Art Therapy can be.


How Does Art Therapy work?

Art therapy involves using a model that sees the whole person and all aspects
—physical, mental, spiritual and emotional—while allowing the client to drive the process. This process is relational and uses talk and art mindfully. Images in the form of art may access subconscious material and bypass a person’s defenses in ways words cannot, Cathy Malchiodi, 2013.

Our therapeutic approach is holistic, strength-based and client-centered. Through assessment and various treatment approaches, we work in a non-pathologizing way to support our client’s journey and to express their fullest potential.

What is in a Name?

The color violet is a symbol of creativity and spirituality. It stimulates the imagination and inspires high ideals. It is an introspective hue, allowing us to get in touch with our deeper thoughts. The hive, the home of the bee, is a symbol of love within the family, domestic stability, harmony and open communication among members. When the symbol of the bee appears in our lives, it is often a message of encouragement to open healthy communications, reevaluate the home, and family. Together these symbols embody the essence of Violet Hive Art Therapy and Healing.

Please help me to support my dream and my future clients' journeys to healing and self-discovery. It is a new year and the perfect time to contribute to a child’s new beginning! As always your gift is tax deductible.

If you are interested in donating, have questions or other donations please message me! We need YOU! Thank you in advance for your time and interest!

Amy Leiter
Founder, Art Therapist and Dreamer


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