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USA-AHEAD's Fundraiser:

Adopt a Community Health Club in Africa




The people of Zimbabwe have been trying to survive despite a government which has caused insecurity, homelessness, economic collapse and starvation of the rural people.

There is no foreign aid to the country and so we are coming to you, the kind people of developed countries to support families  in Zimbabwe to enable their children to survive.

Our programme cuts straight to the rural households and helps them cope in this dire situation. Africa AHEAD helps villagers start Community Health Clubs which get all households in a village together and creates common unity where people help each other. 

Africa AHEAD organises people to  get together into  a Community Health Club where they can help each other learn how to prevent  common diseases.

The main cost of the programme is to train the village health worker and give  her a tool kit of pictures. We also monitor the progress of the Community Health Club and assist them to sort out their water and sanitation, grow nutrition gardens.

For US$5  per person we can be fairly sure that the children in a family will not die from diarrhoea or malaria, cholera or HIV/AIDs because the mother will recognise the symptoms and know when  to go the clinic in time to save her  child.

US$5 will also stop intestinal worms which infest most toddlers in Africa because they play in the dirt. This makes them stunted and sickly and they dont grow properly. We can also prevent diseases like bilharzia that they get from swimming in rivers which makes them tired and unable to work at school.

Ensuring one family is healthy costs only US$25

Prevention is cheaper  than cure. 

To support one village costs US$1,250 per year.

Get  friends together and adopt a Club. This will benefit 50 families consisting of  250 people at only US$5 per person.

 We have an online registry of all villages and can select your own club out of  2,500 CHCs in  Zimbabwe. 

What is in it for you?

Adopt a Community Health Club and we can arrange for you to visit your club: meet local people, get right into a village, right into a kitchen, eating local food and seeing how the people really live. We cant fund your trip but if you adopt a club you can stay in the village.  See first hand, the positive side of Africa ... happy families where people learn to live healthy lives despite their poverty. 

Fund a CHC Project: For economy of scale we appeal to corporates to adopt a batch of 20 CHCs which will enable a full project to take palce in one district.





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