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Healing The World

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Anne Curtis


Do you know anyone who is suffering physically or emotionally?   Or anyone who could be so much happier if something was different in their body - or in their life?

Would you like to help one or more of those people to heal and be happy?

I'm Anne Curtis and here's how you can help by supporting this project.

Is It Possible To Heal The World?

If you know me already - you probably know I've spent my life searching for a way to 'heal the world' - training and working as a doctor - a psychotherapist - a relationship therapist - a life coach and in more recent years as an energy healer.

I've used and taught many effective forms of healing & self help - from Quantum Healing & QiGong to EFT & Reconnective healing - & I've seen many amazing and wonderful results.

One lady I treated was cured of the pancreatic cancer she'd been told was incurable and would kill her - and she remains cured today - many years later.

Many more people came to me for help in curing cancer and a whole range of conditions conventional medicine could not help.    Again I have seen many wonderful & unexpected results in people with back & joint pains, migraines, stomach problems & a whole range of other conditions.

However - though I've seen one more complete cancer cure - and many other people with life-threatening conditioins - who lived longer and better lives than was predicted for them medically - there were also some people who did not get the results they'd hoped for.

I found that part very hard for and very distressing.


Had The Search Been In Vain?

After many years of searching & still not finding a method that could work for everyone - I became disheartened & finally left my medical & therapy practices totally exhausted.

However - for the next 3 years - whatever I did - in an attempt to make enough money & to live happily - seemed to get the opposite result.   The harder I worked - the more money I lost - & the more exhausted I became - till I eventually I was in such a dire state - emotionally & financially - I had to stop & really focus on healing myself & my life.


Healing Inspiration

Then - apparently out of the blue - 3 things happened ...

1] I was asked to help set up and run a Charity to provide free healing for children in Jersey (Channel Islands) which gave me new inspiration to find more ways to help

2] I found a way to finally start making some money while having fun

2] I found out about a natural approach to health & healing that changes everything - & was so impressed that I am now planning to make this available to anyone who is looking for real healing.


Help To Heal The World

My plan is to attend the next practitioner training - in mid December in Seattle.
So I'm now doing all I can to raise funds now - to bring this new healing opportunity both to Jersey in person - & to the world (through effective distance healing).

If you would like to experience this healing method for yourself - or you would like to help make it available for other people - in Jersey - or around the world - you can help do this in 2 ways ...

1] Make a donation to the fund

2] Tell all your contacts about the Healing The World project NOW!


Thank you for your help

Anne Curtis



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Anne is working on selecting a charity so you can support Healing The World.