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Our mission is to advocate for women and assist in the transformation process from victim of domestic violence to thriving community survivor. Healed Women Heal, Inc. is dedicated to helping build homes that are free from violence and abuse by offering a range of programs for education, prevention and intervention. We are established to provide a supportive and safe environment that enables women and their children to heal from their abusive experience.    Healed Women Heal, Inc. is a non-profit organization providing safety and expert services to women and children exiting from emergency domestic violence shelters.  The program will form partnerships with emergency facilities throughout the Southern California area and will be staffed by dedicated professionals who are passionate about contributing to social change through intervention, prevention, education and community awareness.   Healed Women Heal, Inc. will supply accommodations and will assist in transforming victims of domestic abuse into thriving survivors.  Women and their children will be given the tools to create healthy relationships and establish independence in order to cultivate environments that are free from violence and abuse of any kind.  Healed Women Heal, Inc. is committed to empowering its clients to succeed in breaking the cycle of domestic violence and regain control of their lives.

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