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Give it up for conservation

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Harrison Ford wrote -

I'm giving it up for conservation.

I'm raising money this holiday season for Conservation International and its incredibly important mission to protect and conserve our natural resources.

Think about it... Who really needs more golf balls, notepads, or argyle socks? Why not give a gift that will truly make a world of difference instead? Because when you support CI, you’re helping to secure the future of a healthy planet for all of us.

Give the gift of a donation in a friend or loved one's name by sending an e-gift card and they will love you for it. (Or, just give a donation and I'll consider it a gift to me personally. Thanks.)

Really though... what I'd like you to do is join my team. If you can donate $20, that would be great – it really would help and I‘d appreciate it. But, if you can ask 10 of your buddies to give $20 – well, then we'd really be cooking.

Just click the button. Join my team.
And how about this? I'll sweeten the pot.

Whoever joins my team and raises the most by new years, I will send out a signed copy of the book "The Complete Making of Indiana Jones" by J.W. Rinzler. Forward by Steven Spielberg and Preface by George Lucas. It's a great book and it will be even cooler because I signed it and it will be even cooler than that because if you win it you will know it was because of your hard work raising money for a cause that we both care deeply about.

Please help out.

I first came across Conservation International in 1991. At first, I was just looking for a way to give back. But the more I learned about this amazing organization, the more involved I became.

Now, I have a seat on its Executive Committee and to this day, I’m constantly impressed with CI’s inventiveness and its strategies to identify and overcome threats to the biodiversity that ultimately sustains us all.

Join me in supporting CI, and I’m sure you’ll be impressed too.
Thanks and happy holidays.


The Team: $10,225 TOTAL RAISED SO FAR

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Harrison Ford

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35% Raised of$10,000 Goal

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267% Raised of$1,000 Goal

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Catherine Newland

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Jason Hanson

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Benjamin Zoll

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Dina Brereton

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