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Harrington Initiative Foundation

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     It is our mission to bring Mental Illness/Behavioral Health to the forefront. We want to help educate and provide resources to people who are on the front lines dealing with these issues. That encompasses nurses, doctors, therapist, teachers, police officers, families, and of course those who are afflicted with an illness.

     What we should keep in our minds is; they are our mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, neighbors, favorite actor, favorite musician, soldiers protecting our country, but most of all...they are human too! Just because you can not see their wounds, that does not mean they are not sick. We need to show compassion, and treat them with the same respect that we would if it was our own family member. Let’s change the conversation, and remove the stigma of mental illness.

     Those dealing with their illness may still not fully understand what they are experiencing, or have not been diagnosed with an illness, because they have yet to receive medical help. The medical system is failing, people are slipping through the cracks. There is not enough beds available at treatment centers, but there is also a lack of measures to assess and treat earlier. There is also a lack of support services, and not just for the person afflicted, but for the families that are trying to understand and know what to do. And the information that is available is hard to find, and you need to sift through it all to find the info you are looking to find.

     We want to fill the gap! We want to become the “Go To” place for information, and help. We are intent on putting together educational seminars for medical staff, emergency responders, and families to attend to learn how to recognize signs and steps to take when elevated measures are needed.