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Being a music teacher without a budget is a difficult situation I must admit. And yet I am grateful every single day for the honor of teaching my students. I am currently employed at Harmony School of Excellence Austin and have worked for three years. While I love my job, and my students are remarkable, I have struggled to build the program from the ground up with very little. We are a Title One school, and we serve a predominately low income community. Because of funding issues, and despite my best efforts, the students are receiving a limited musical education, and they deserve the best! I am the single school music teacher at our school, teaching grades 6 through 12. Every quarter I receive about 250 new students. That’s 1000 students every year! My students are the most delightful and deserving people I know, and I only want the best for them. Unfortunately, as I said, I do not have a budget for my program. But there are so very many opportunities I want to provide for them. You see, I have very little to supplement their education. There are no instruments at all, not even recorders, and we don’t really have a facility or equipment for plays. But in my dreams I see those musical instruments in the hands of my students. I see them dancing across a stage, and I hear their voices coming through the microphones and spilling from the speakers! I see the blur of colorful costumes whirling around smiling faces! Oh the things we could do! I want so badly to foster their talents. I recognize that I have many musicians, actors, and singers in my classes. But because my materials are so limited, I find myself asking, how my students will ever know that they are truly these things if they don’t have the basic equipment to realize their potential? My pupils are talented, excited to learn, and deserve the best education in music that I can provide them. I know my job is to fuel their drive to succeed in the arts regardless of their economic status, but I have to admit it is sometimes a great challenge for me. If granted the funds to support the music program, I would conduct concerts, direct spring musicals, and teach students how to play their instruments! I can see the parents’ faces glow with pride, the teachers and administrators applauding their students too. I believe music is essential for the soul and without music, many of us would feel a great void. My students live and breathe through the arts. For some it is their only escape from whatever they may be dealing with at home. Please help me grant my students the chance to become what I know they are meant to be, which are great musicians, singers, and actors of the future. Thank you for your time and consideration. Ms. Odyessey Francis Harmony School of Excellence- Austin



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