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Happy Horizons Childcare

A non-profit providing quality, affordable daycare and education for infants to kindergarten

www.happyhorizons.cc Tax ID 84-1794319


The mission of Happy Horizons Childcare is as a non-profit, to provide high quality, affordable, and accessible childcare in a safe and nurturing environment, enabling families of all economic levels, especially those who are income-challenged, to continue or obtain employment or to further their education in order to improve the economic stability of their family and the community in which they live.

By donating to Happy Horizons Childcare, you will helping multiple families address the need of affordable daycare,  which will ultimately lift our communities'working poor and other economically challenged families by aiding them in pursuing avenues of employment and education.  This will provide them with the means to meet their families' basic needs, something that is very difficult for the more vulnerable in our communities.