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Happy To Give

appy 2 Give exists to connect others to giving back within the St. Louis community.

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Happy to Give began simply as a “Happy Gilmore Day” golf tournament/house party with just a few friends. Since the first event in 2008, it continued to grow into a successful fundraiser. Happy to Give is designed to build awareness of philanthropic causes in the St. Louis community and encourage support of these causes in the form of time and monetary contributions. Our goal is to help individuals feel empowered to seek out and support various organizations regardless of the amount they are able to contribute. We feel that it is important to highlight the opportunity to give back by emphasizing the happiness that is felt when giving back.


It brings us great joy to officially announce that our Giving Partner for 2020 is Landon’s League Foundation. For those who are not familiar, Landon's League Foundation is a nonprofit charity founded in 2018 by Joe and Lauren Walsh, on behalf on their son, Landon who was born with a rare unnamed genetic disease caused by a single gene mutation. Their mission is to support the development of gene therapies for rare pediatric genetic diseases and help those affected by granting adaptive equipment to help them and their families with activities of daily living.

Landon's League Foundation has partnered with the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis to accomplish the steps necessary to ensure the safety of individualized gene therapies, as they are one of few medical centers nationally recognized to do so for rare undiagnosed genetic diseases. Additionally, they have partnered locally with Dierbergs Markets by granting adapted shopping carts suitable for children who require extra postural and head support to help those affected and create easier shopping experience for their family(s).

For more information about Landon's League Foundation and to hear about Landon's story, please visit their website at the following link: www.landonsleague.com.


Happy 2 Give's mission is to connect others to giving back in the St. Louis community.