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Hannah's House

Since 1988 Hannah's House has helped vulnerable families access timely, effective and creative solutions to prevent and reduce the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) through positive parenting and co-parenting. Family separation and divorce is one of the ACEs faced by many San Diego families, and Hannah's House has 5 family programs to help you and your loved ones find safe passage through these difficult life challenges.

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We began our work in the community in 1988 with a primary focus on training and education for professionals and parents with a focus on teaching early intervention skills for family problems, often involving substance use. We offered a model family intervention program as well. Our community taught us very quickly that families with substance abuse problems inevitably end up in Family Court as the family breaks apart. An Advisory Committee helped us design the plan to meet the needs of this unique population.

Our first program was a Supervised Visitation and Exchange Program offered at low cost with highly trained professionals to serve families from all of the Family Courts throughout San Diego County. Fulfilling the initial vision, we added four additional programs to serve San Diego families over the years. Our Human-Animal Bond Program creates spontaneous and positive connections for children estranged from their parents. Our Transitions Family Program offers parenting/co-parenting classes; anger and emotion management classes; substance use disorder assessments and treatment; individualized adult/child therapy; reunification therapy; high conflict co-parenting therapy; and conjoint therapy for estranged family members. Bridges Family Program offers home and community-based services that help our families make safe and healthy transitions to a successfully restructured 2-Home family. Services include: home studies, home safety/welfare checks; infant/toddler care classes; and Parent-Child Interactive Therapy. Our Family Resource Center directly connects our families to community resources such as housing, childcare, employment, transportation, food banks, medical/mental health resources and education resources. Wrap-around services preserve family ties. The resources of our families at every level are depleted when they arrive at our doors. We are the safety net for these vulnerable families through our comprehensive network of support.