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Hand-Up Financial Group Inc

An Education Bridge Financing Platform with Repayable Student Finance Solutions

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HAND-UP FINANCIAL GROUP (“Hand-Up”) is a unique non-profit education financing platform that provides GAP Funding solutions to students and educational institutions—via its mission-focused donors and investors to meet diverse needs and achieve common goals.

GAP Funding Defined = The last dollars needed for someone to attend the school and program of their choice.

NEED & OPPORTUNITY The 2008 financial market meltdown, the 2010 nationalization of federal student lending into a single-payer system, and other regulatory changes collectively combined to eliminate funding from over 1,500 financial institutions that previously supported the funding of higher education. As a result, billions of dollars per year in private-funded student financing vanished, leaving only students/families in the highest income brackets and credit tiers able to access GAP Funding . The groups most affected by these changes are independent/adult, minority, first-generation, faith-based and lower- income students and families. Hand-Up fills this void, breaking down barriers to entry for students and helping schools escape from suffocating unfunded tuition discounts.

Students – To get a higher education, virtually all students and families need well-designed and well-executed financing solutions, delivered at affordable price points, regardless of their credit score or background

Schools – To avoid intrusive government regulations, institutions need alternative funding to supplement Federal funding, at comparable prices and approval rates, while avoiding becoming a lender themselves

Supporters/Investors – To provide high social impact investment with positive financial returns, donors and investors need a safe and trusted place to deploy capital, in a program that is compliant with federal and state lending laws, and that provides a tremendous societal benefit to students and the schools of their choice.

Hand Up is the only entity that can bring students, schools and investors together in a way that meets these common goals