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Hamptons Youth Camps Inc.

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 certain small businesses have to take matters into their own hands. We provide scholarships via donations so kids in the Hamptons can experience select small businesses that provide amazing recreational services.

https://hamptonsyouthcamps.com Tax ID 84-2751316


During these unprecedented times, we realize that quality time with family and creating lifelong memories take precedent. Certain small businesses fall into a black hole of not receiving goverment help beacuse they don't have any "employees". We provide scholarships for local kids in the area and link them with select businesses that have been affected by COVID-19 and who provide high-end professional recreational services. These include Martial Arts, Self Defense/Protection, Motocross, Surfing, Boating, Yoga, Tennis, and many more!

Providing amazing experiences for kids by supporting local business!