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Half Moon Bay Coastside Foundation

"Clear the Dead Trees and Brush. Together We Can Prevent a SF Bay Area Burning Hills Disaster!"

http://www.firesafeca.org/ Tax ID 91-2025394


We can put a Header

This is where we will put s a short Mission Statement about the HMBCF non profit and its association with the SFPFSC, as an environmental conservator to take action regarding the imminent threats to the resevoirs...  MAYBE this is where the campaign pitch goes?,... perhaps  but explain why HMBCF is commited and driven to this critical issue and protection of bay area from fires and how it ties to the foundations charter. things we ma consider, process of clearing the fuel. who is going to do it and how. what obstacles may prevent the clearing of fuel? where does every dollar go? phases, milestones and success markers, reasons for support the campaign besides the urgency and obvious threats.  such as hidden secondary threats like polution and runoff, economical impacts, wildlife, air, aquafirs, etc etc.  perhaps we can make reference to the past land management of forest by other cultures, Native Americans etc and programs that have been successfully implemented in other states and regions such as colorado?

Since we as a people are resetting many aspects of our society, the New Normal should include proper and responsible land management, controlled clearing and burnings as well as education so to avoid the ongoings cycles of neglect

we can add links but no photos... just the video below.