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HairToStay exists to help chemo patients minimize hair loss using scalp cooling systems and to help subsidize the expense of this therapy.

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<p>I. Patient Subsidy Program   </p> <p>How incredibly wonderful it is to know that in many cases it is possible to avoid the trauma of losing hair from chemotherapy. </p> <p>However, it comes at a price that many patients have difficulty paying. And THAT is precisely where we come in. HairToStay is all about leveling the playing field so that as many people as possible, who are facing the awful prospect of hair loss from chemotherapy, have a chance to consider an option that may help their Hair to Stay – on their heads!     </p> <p>II. Patient Awareness & Trusted Source Education(PATSE) </p> <p>In addition to providing subsidies for scalp cooling,HairToStay is focused on expanding awareness of scalp cooling in the U.S. and  helping to inform and support patients on their scalp cooling journey.</p> <p>One of the early pioneers who used scalp cooling while she received chemotherapy for breast cancer, is our very own Co-Founder, Patsy Graham.  Patsy knows just about everything there is to know about the process, the products and the experience.  And she is here to help you.</p>