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H4h Foundation (H4H Foundation Inc)

One Charity with MANY MISSIONS: Illness, bullying,drugs,suicide and violence are no match for HOPE!

www.h4hcharity.org Tax ID 83-1307119


A nice 2 minute intro....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-QDlTT83a8

H4H Foundation WWW.H4HCHARITY.ORG (CERTIFIED 501C3 non-profit) evolved from Heroes 4 Higher which began in September 4, 2012; the 501c3 charity division, H4H Foundation, began in 2018.

The name is based on the principle that we teach 4 points to take the children, THE REAL HEROES, to a “HIGHER” level.

The mission of the H4H Foundation is to provide 4 divisions of outreach. These are functions we have been serving in since 2012.

1-Bereavment Division-Provide last wish Batmobile rides to youth who are terminally ill when contacted by families. We may also serve as pallbearers for children’s funerals, provide custom designed children’s caskets with their favorite superhero or cartoon character at no cost to the family and help with some of the funeral expenses.

2-Hospital/Charity Division-Visits for children battling illness and overall support for families in crisis through established monetary means or supplies if needed and available.

3-At Risk Youth Division-Visits to detention facilities, schools with minimal assembly funding, addiction programs, behavioral health centers and hospice grief camps for youth that have lost loved ones.

4-Community/Crisis Response Division- Outreach to communities that experience tragedy such as shootings or natural disasters.

H4H FOUNDATION also has the ultimate, every day, community outreach tool for the community. West Virginia has its’ very own Batmobile!! The H4H-Hope-Mobile is a one of a kind, fully street legal Batmobile that is truly one of a kind. It is the busiest Batmobile on the planet, being driven over 15,000 miles per year.

The Hopemobile inspires HOPE throughout communities local & out of state for outreach missions. The Hopemobile is a rolling memorial for children that we have been honored to be pall-bearers for that have passed away from illness or tragedy. The vehicle has 34 special plaques on the car to honor their names and ages and keep their memory alive wherever the car appears. Many of the children represented with the plaques had their last ride wish inside of the Hopemobile/Batmobile shortly before they passed away.

The Hopemobile has travelled as far away as San Bernardino, Ca shortly after the mass shooting to provide HOPE & support to the community while working with The San Bernardino Police Department. It has travelled 6 times to the Greenville South Carolina area for the funerals of various children who have passed tragically, as well as for community outreach after tragic events.




The inspiration of the idea came to fruition after my return home from Iraq as a Firefighter with The Department Of Defense. Upon returning home it seemed the news was saturated with stories of youth in crisis. I was determined to help make a difference in all of the troubles that our youth face in their lives. Issues of bullying, drugs, broken homes, abuse of all types plague our children. These issues are very personal to me, as I was a victim of many these issues myself growing up. It was because of these struggles that the Hero characters, especially Batman, along with extensive therapy and support, gave me the inspiration I needed to overcome and then reach out to help others through their pain. I learned through Batman to turn my pain into personal empowerment and use that to help others overcome their own pain.

H4H Foundation seeks is to inspire children & communties To “Be The Hero”.

4 principles are taught EVERYWHERE we go to accomplish this mission in the hearts of our children and communities;





The outreach is active in Drug Rehab facilities, youth behavioral health programs, foster care systems and grief counseling, churches, schools, libraries college empowerment events, entire community events, the city mission, domestic violence shelters & programs, and anywhere else people need HOPE!

We are spreading HOPE & our mission has been featured worldwide on The Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, ABC, CBS & countless other media outlets. You can search us out online as “Heroes 4 Higher” or “West Virginia Batman”.

TODAY SHOW APPEARANCE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRP3-WmUcFs

See it at work here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-QDlTT83a8