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H2O for Life educates, engages and inspires youth to learn, take action and become global citizens.  We provide youth the unique and valuable learning experience through service-learning opportunities.  Schools in the US, Canada and schools around the world choose a partner school in a developing country that desperately needs help!  students study the water crisis and plan activities and events to raise funds to implement a water project for their partner school.

Why Water and Sanitation?

Over 1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water, and over 2 billion people lack access to adequate latrines.  ALL donations make a difference. Providing water and sanitation changes lives and  saves lives. People around the world are literally dying for a drink of water!
Providing water and sanitation to schools encourages students to remain in school, and the economic development in the community is directly related to educational gains! Please help us today. Get your school or youth group to partner with a school. Encourage your church to get involved. Grab a few friends and make a difference. We need your help to achieve the goal that SOMEDAY SOON everyone in the world will have a safe drink of water and access to sanitation.

How Can You Help?

Choose a global school partner from our list at www.h2oforlifeschools.org    Encourage your school, youth group, church or friends to take action that will change lives for students at your partner school- AND will also change your lives as well.