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Good Works Project Foundation Inc

Let's Do Something Good. Together.

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At Good Works Project, we believe that most people have a heart to perform good works and aspire to make the world a better place, but most people never connect the dots between intention and action. We also believe with the right encouragement, ordinary people are capable of doing extraordinary things.

Everybody knows the world desperately needs more good.

However, we don’t think motivation and encouragement are enough.  
We want to lead by example. So, everything we do centers around three things - 1) Sponsoring projects that Do Good, 2) Supporting organizations already doing Good Works, and 3) Creating compelling media and content to promote the idea that everyone can do a little good every day.  We are also using social media as our platform to create a community bound by this common goal – Do Something Good Today.

If you believe what we believe…
You have an opportunity to Do Something Good and help us change the world one Good Works Project at a time.

With your support, together we can…

Create and Sponsor projects that involve individuals, organizations, and communities doing good.
Support churches, schools, civic organizations, and other non-profits in their efforts to Do Good Works…and help them develop content, social media skills, programs, and resources to be more effective.
Produce compelling media and content to encourage and inspire people to do a little good every day.

Please consider supporting The Good Works Project.

Trapped inside every ordinary person is the ability to do something extraordinary! With your help, we can inspire, motivate, and encourage people to live a life of active service to others. As more and more people get involved, our collective capacity to do good expands exponentially.

Who knows, if enough of us Do Something Good Today, we might just change the world.

Let’s Do Something Good Together!