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To be an organization committed to the environment, the promotion of human rights and gender equality, as well as the protection and preservation of indigenous peoples, as a basis for achieving sustainable development.


To contribute to the improvement of communities by providing capacities and opportunities to people so that they become actors in their own development, in the same wayforge ties/partnerships with people, communities and organizations for the formation ofFuture leaders of change.


In 2010 after numerous stints with NGOs in Guatemala and seeing firsthand the realities of the lack of suitable housing and access to education, the siblings of the Wynne family decided to come together to address these issues head-on. Incorporated in Washington State and having received 501(c)(3) determination in 2011 the Guatemala Housing Alliance was born. Since then we have been working hand-in-hand with local residents and civic leaders to meet the housing and educational needs of those living in extreme poverty in the communities of San Pablo La Laguna and Pasajquim located on the banks of Lake Atitlán in the department of Sololá. Over the years we have expanded the scope of our construction projects to include floor and roof replacements alongside the construction of safe housing, changing our construction methods to be more ecologically friendly in 2015 when we began building with bajareque (a local building technique similar to adobe constructions). Our education program provides scholarships, educational workshops and after-school help to those who otherwise wouldn’t have the financial means to complete even a basic education.

Within Guatemala our organization operates as Construyendo Alianzas (Building Alliances), because of the importance we place on integrating our mission with the work of other institutions in the region. This focus on collaboration has allowed GHA to expand the services we offer to include a women’s economic empowerment program encompassing a beading cooperative formed in Pasajquim in 2014 and a weaving cooperative created in San Pablo La Laguna in 2019. With input from the communities we serve GHA is constantly learning, growing, improving and expanding our programming as our capacity to support the communities where we work grows. We value change from the bottom-up and are actively involved in assessing the ever-changing needs of the community in order to adapt our focuses to best support local residents to lift themselves out of difficult situations, find opportunity and prosper.