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Guardian Care Center Inc

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Guardian Care Center's Vision: A caring community, free of child abuse, where everyone is invested in creating a safe environment for children.

Mission:  To prevent child abuse in our communities, and to provide compassionate assessment and support for children and families who have been impacted by child abuse.

Goals and Objectives

· To be advocates for children who are victims of abuse or neglect.

· To provide a safe environment where victims of child abuse can tell trained forensic interviewers about their experience.

· To provide objective medical evaluations for children referred to the Guardian Care Center, when needed.

· To provide recorded interviews and the findings of medical evaluations, which the district attorney can use to prosecute the perpetrators of abuse.

· To reduce the trauma children may experience as a result of abuse.

· To reduce the public cost of child abuse and neglect.

· To involve appropriate community resources for referral and treatment of abused children and their non-offending family members.

· To heighten community awareness and activate community response towards child abuse prevention and early intervention.

Program Overview:

Guardian Care Center Services include:

· Digitally recorded forensic interviews conducted by state and nationally trained child forensic interviewers to assist law enforcement and child welfare to conduct a child friendly, comprehensive investigation.

· Medical evaluations are conducted by a specially trained medical provider to examine children for suspected abuse and/or recommend any needed medical referrals or follow up.

· Community Outreach is provided by the staff of Guardian Care Center on child abuse prevention/intervention/reporting.