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Student Television - GSTV

Datuna Tujishvili


GSTV is a television project that will be primarily focused on students. Besides student oriented TV shows, GSTV will also develop other genres to appeal to a greater audience.  TV station employees will be recruited from students except several professionals that will conduct training for the recruited students.


News - covering student life related news: reporting on student specific problems and issues, news in different fields of technology and science, sports coverage, art exhibitions, literature, poetry, and other student activities.

Entertainment – the emphasis will lie on films, TV shows, performances and concerts created and organized by students but GSTV will also transmit different licensed TV products (TV series, films, entertainment programs, etc.) that will be deemed interesting and relevant for students.

Talk Shows – weekly shows with variable topics. Guests will be selected from the people connected with student life or popular among students (actors, sportsmen, musicians, etc.).

Educational TV Programs - technology, science, history and culture of different countries (these reports will be prepared with the help of our friends living abroad), and many other topics.



Our goal is to create a TV station that is different from others, not just in its orientation (student life in this case), but also in TV projects.

• GSTV will give equal opportunity to all students to showcase their video product to the general public. A general format will be developed and any video product satisfying the requirements of the format will be aired.

• GSTV will organize trainings conducted by foreign journalists or Georgian professionals.

• GSTV will help and encourage students to participate in exchange programs (we will connect students with our partner organizations and universities from different countries and provide them with necessary information).

• GSTV will promote healthy lifestyle by preparing educational reports on the effects of healthy lifestyle as well as harmful effects of addiction (drugs, gambling, alcohol, tobacco, etc.)

• GSTV will promote gender equality, anti-violence, analytical thinking and other related ideas and issues that are essential for a young citizen in the modern world.

• GSTV will organize free courses for learning software as well as other useful student topics (courses will be organized in video format as well as in universities or other educational institutions).


Additional information:

All course videos, not oriented on Georgian students only, will have English subtitles.

GSTV has plans to go beyond the web, to acquire IPTV, and subsequently to expand to cable and sattelite transmission.

GSTV is planning to acquire necessary equipment for live transmission, through donations and funds generated by advertisement.

Please feel free to ask any question. We will answer within few hours from its submission.

The funds will be spent for the expenses listed below.


additional information about perks:

There will be few thanksgiving video clips (in each video will be included the names of our sponsors).

Animated videos will be made using specific computer programs.

For donations above $50, you will be invited to our opening ceremony(it is planned to be held around 1 - 10 september).

Materials used for handmade souvenirs: felt, wool, cotton, leather.



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