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Council on the Environment, Inc.

We are GrowNYC. We protect the environment, create beautiful green spaces, help people stay healthy, and give them opportunities to make a positive impact.

www.GrowNYC.org Tax ID 13-2765465


In our 50th year, we commit to a bold agenda that puts New York City on a path toward resiliency and sustainability.

Working together, we can make a city where:

- New Yorkers are active participants in creating an equitable food system and supporting small farms that help keep people and the planet healthy.

-It is second nature for all New Yorkers to lead environmentally conscious lifestyles through conservation of our natural resources. 

-There are school and community gardens in every NYC neighborhood that create beauty, help combat climate change, add vital green space and bring people together.

- Young people are involved and active in environmental stewardship and winning the fight against climage change.