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We Learn Together

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Growing Place is committed to providing a high quality, full-day, year-round child development program for children of working families. Our Philosophy holds that all children learn from interactions with other children, the environment, and adults. The same is true for adults: we learn from interactions with other adults, the environment, and children. All children and adults in our community benefit and learn from meaningful exchanges and relationships.

Growing Place believes that education should focus on each child in relation to a community of others, rather than each child in isolation.

Our curriculum emphasizes the development of children's social skills, including building friendships, respecting others, resolving conflict, and advocating for one's needs and ideas. Our goals are to promote self-esteem and creative problem-solving abilities, which help children gain confidence to face new experiences. We gained inspiration from the pioneering schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy, and base our curriculum on the social constructivist theory of teaching and learning.